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In this section, share a little about yourself and your passions are. Be as personable as possible and share a photo that really showcases who you are and what you love. The image should be horizontal and either left or right aligned to allow for the placement of your text next to it. Try an overlay if your image is too bright or busy. If not, the space adjacent to your text can be used to hold your image. Some photographers will even share an image that best fits the style of their focus. For instance, a family photographer may share a photo of themselves and their family to illustrate their core values. This is completely up to you to utilize as you’d like, just don’t be afraid to be different! Instead, the best jobs will go to applicants who analyze information as it becomes available, adapt when new information makes facts obsolete, and collaborate with other easy essay writer experts on a global playing field

ABout Your Studio

Here is your chance to really make a statement!

Go in depth about your studio and what makes your different from others in the area.

Be personable and fun. Salesy is the enemy of  conversions, so present your studio as something welcoming and more than just a business.

Right below your description, place a call-to-action that stands out. You can draw a potential client’s eye to such a CTA using elements such as color, shapes, font, and wording,

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—Author of the Quote

About your session

Describe what your session will entail and 

"Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then"

–Diana Ross


"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

— Katharine Hepburn


"This woman is so talented!!"

Miss. B

I did a shoot with Jacqueline a little over a year ago and absolutely fell in love with her! This was my first boudoir experience and was extremely nervous, but she made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I’m so excited for my second shoot tomorrow! This woman is so talented!!

"I loved working with Jacqueline!"

Mrs. A

I loved working with Jacqueline! She made me feel stunningly beautiful and sexy! My husband loves my photos. And she really took the time to make me comfortable and it was super hard narrowing down the best shots!

"Once in a lifetime experience!"

Mrs. A

Once in a lifetime experience! Jacqueline makes you feel so comfortable from start to finish. Her photography skills are fantastic! I would recommend to anyone.

Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live in?

— Caroline Myss


"I've never modeled before,
how would I know what to do?"

You do NOT need to be a model to do a boudoir shoot. Period. You do not need any experience, you do not need to know how to pose, you are not too short or too tall or too fat or too skinny. That is a MYTH. Boudoir is for everyone.

I guarantee you I’ll catch all your best angles and teach you how to pose in front of the camera as naturally as possible. You don’t need to know how to model before this session, but you sure as hell will leave your session feeling like one.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am being
photographed nearly nude, but I want to try
something new, is this still something for me?"

No doubt! Boudoir has many levels, it’s not just black and white nearly nude photos. Boudoir can be in your favorite pj’s or your significant other’s long sleeve button down. It’s all about mixing classy and tasteful with DARING.

There are so many alternatives to lingerie too like over the shoulder sweaters and lace body suits work for jut about EVERY body type. You can opt-in for nude/nearly nude photos if your comfortable but it’s about giving a little tease more than anything. We always try to keep it playful and inviting.

"I'm super nervous about booking my shoot, how
do i know what to wear, or how i should do my
make-up and hair?"

Once you book your shoot I’ll send you my own personal Boudoir Prep Guide. It’ll remind you of all the little things you may forget to prepare for day of your boudoir shoot. There is a checklist at the end to make sure you remember everything from your mani-pedi appointment to cutting off the tags from your new lingerie. 

I also have some guidance if you want a Victoria Secret style shoot or sophisticated look all the way to a girl next door look. But that isn’t anything we won’t talk about during your consultation. 

I even have some trustworthy people and websites i commonly recommend because I trust they can give my clients their best work so that our photoshoot will be 100% effortless and focused on just you.